A Special Message from Toniq

Hello everyone, Bob Bodily from Toniq here. This is a special post to announce a few changes at Toniq.

Stephen Andrews has been CEO and CTO of Toniq since before ICP mainnet launch. He built Stoic and Entrepot from the ground up and has personally launched more than 100 NFT collections through the Toniq launchpad. I’ve never seen a solo developer push out so many products in such little time. Over the past year Entrepot has grown to support over 20,000 active users, 1.3 Million ICP in secondary market volume and over 300K transactions. As we scale, our technology needs at Toniq continue to grow, so Stephen has decided to step down as CEO and focus entirely on CTO responsibilities, and we’ve decided that I should assume the role of CEO of Toniq.

I am incredibly excited to lead the Toniq team. Our vision for Toniq is to provide tools for developers, creators, and businesses that want to leverage tokens to solve business problems. We believe (1) the Internet Computer Protocol will become the biggest, fastest, most scalable blockchain in the world, (2) fungible and non-fungible tokens will increasingly be used in innovative ways to solve business problems, and (3) billions of people still need to be onboarded to Web3, the majority of which will come through the Internet Computer.

Toniq wouldn’t be here without the incredible IC community, so please continue to work with us as we build the future of Web3 together.

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Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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