Advancing Protection for Entrepot NFT Marketplace with MODCLUB

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3 min readJul 6, 2022

Bots and scammers plague the NFT ecosystem far and wide. Finding a good solution to this problem has proved to be a challenge for even the most well funded projects building on chain, however we are excited to announce we have a plan in motion!

Thanks to the team at MODCLUB we can begin to build out a bot protection and scam project identification model that is decentralized and easily scalable! For those of you who might not be familiar MODCLUB provides decentralized moderation and proof of humanity solutions on the Internet Computer. We at ToniqLabs are looking to utilize both of these solutions going forward!

Proof of Humanity Bot Protection

MODCLUB provides a proof of humanity solution for addressing an unmet need on the IC. This is the perfect amount of verification we need to better protect launch sales from being heavily botted as it does not require KYC but does ensure that the address purchasing has been verified by a human being.

Users will verify their humanity with MODCLUB, then Entrepot will be able to identify verified addresses and allow creators to give verified humans minting priority. While this verification won’t be required to use Entrepot, the users that do complete it will have a much better chance at getting that next hottest collection!

MODCLUB’s POH process is flexible, modular, transferable and integration is seamless. It ties a Principal ID to an actual human with privacy and security at the forefront. Users are required to complete multiple challenges, customizable to the integrated applications requirements. The MODCLUB platform was built completely on-chain. All functionality from frontend to backend is hosted on the IC in order to achieve a fully decentralized solution.

Decentralized Moderation of New Projects

Entrepot is about to really start scaling up, with the upcoming release of EXT V 2.0, Exponent CLI minting tool, and no-code minting V 2.0 getting your project minted will be easier than ever.

MODCLUB’s Moderation-as-a-Service allows an application team to protect users and maintain trust within their community while outsourcing the responsibility and labor involved in the daily business of moderation. MODCLUB’s moderation solution is scalable, cost-effective, and customizable. Using AI and human moderation it quickly and effectively identifies multiple types of unwanted user-generated content. The data from MODCLUB’s community of human moderators continuously feeds into improving the AI layer capabilities.

The plan is to leverage this service to check each new project listed on the marketplace for clear violations of our terms and conditions. This will be an objective review including but not limited to copyright/trademark infringement, SEC regulation violations, and explicit content.

We are in the early stages of these integrations, the initial focus will be on integrating the proof of humanity bot protection solution and then decentralized project review. I am sure people have many questions about what this means for users and creators, we will be publishing more information the impact of specific changes as details are finalized.

We hope you all are as excited for the future as we are to have a long-term, scalable solution to two major problems with the NFT ecosystem as it is now!

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