Blockchain Heroes –Sir Singularity Release

The Blockchain Heroes marketplace is opening!

Beginning on Monday, November 29th at 5pm UTC, the Entrepot Blockchain Heroes marketplace will be open for buying and selling your collectibles. From common to mythic, you’ll have the opportunity to list your duplicates and acquire missing cards. But you’ll want to be fast because the deadline to acquire complete sets and receive the elusive Sir Singularity airdrops is fast approaching.

The snapshot for complete sets (all 50 heroes) in common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary and/or mythic variations will take place on Monday, December 6th at 5pm UTC. As described in our previous announcement, this is the way to acquire the Sir Singularity hero card NOT available in packs!

Owning a Sir Singularity card in the future may entitle you to additional Blockchain Heroes drops or privileges! Do not sleep on acquiring this rare collectible.

Need more help completing your collection? There are still 5-card packs available for just 1.5 ICP on the Blockchain Heroes page. Good luck completing your collection!

Community Competition Voting

We know you have all been waiting for voting in the community art competition (see here). Thanks for waiting as we reviewed submissions for originality! Voting will begin at the time of Sir Singularity snapshot on December 6th at 5PM UTC!

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