Buyers Guide: Gen-0 Auction

Step by step

  1. Go to and login with StoicWallet or Plug Wallet (Stoic is recommended)
  2. By default, you should be sent to the sale page. If not, click “Public Sale” to navigate to the auction page
  3. Click on any Cronic to see its battle stats and rarity scores — you can start viewing them now

Additional Tips

  • Ensure you have the fee factored into your purchases (0.0001ICP)
  • Anyone using II through Stoic, logging out and logging back in via Stoic using your II is recommended. II sessions last 24 hours, and may expire while you are waiting.
  • Reminder that sales on Entrepot are closed at the time of Auction




Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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