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2 min readFeb 17, 2022


Over the past few weeks we have been doing a lot of talking about how to move forward with NFT project selection to best ensure the quality projects get launched and red flags get thrown up fast. We’ve considered dozens of different processes and models all with their own pros and cons. However, the most common theme across all the feedback we received is increased community involvement in the process.

Community Feedback

Our recent Toniq Talks on DSCVR have been incredibly valuable and we look forward to continuing them. When we asked about marketplace tokens in our first Talk the word governance was mentioned 24 times. In our second Talk users proposed community research groups to vet projects, twitter spaces for public discussion, and easier access to launch dates for more research time. On twitter Max was met with positive feedback after sharing a conversation he had with Bob about how community voting on projects might look, where the issues lie, and possible solutions. There are a-lot of factors to consider but with everything pointing toward a community owned process we decided to take some first steps in that direction.

Public Applications and Official Feedback Channels

From now on the launchpad application will feed submissions directly into a public channel in ToniqLabs discord, thus available to the community immediately. From the start we encourage the community to discuss, debate, criticize, question, red flag, endorse, and advocate within discord. Community feedback through official channels is now a key deciding factor in which projects get listed on Entrepot.

New basic project listing flow

  1. Creator submits application to be launched on Entrepot
  2. Application is fed into #launchpad-applications on ToniqLabs discord
  3. Creator is invited to join the server and be available for questions (but not required)
  4. Community members can review the submissions and provide feedback
  5. ToniqLabs will select the apps with the most community support for follow-up requirements review
  6. Assuming no blockers, the project will complete KYC and be scheduled for launch
  7. An announcement is made in #nft-launches, followed by a 1 week, 24 hour, and 1 hour reminder announcement

This is just the first step toward community ownership and further decentralization. We are always open to suggestions on how the process can be improved and refined so please don’t hesitate to jump in and propose ideas as we are certain things will evolve.

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