Cronic Update

We are thrilled to announce the updated timeline for the Cronic project. We thank the whole community for being so patient as we worked to finalize everything. We are excited to launch GameFi on the Internet Computer and take Cronics to the next level.


On Friday November 19th at 3PM UTC mini-games will go live without CRN earnings. We will use this time for additional community feedback on the games and make any necessary changes before token earning and breeding are implemented. The first games to be available:

  1. Cronic Fight — An auto chess-like PVP game where users build a team of up to 6 Cronics and battle other players.
  2. Cronic Crusade — A rogue-like PVE deck-building game where you build a deck and fight monsters!

Remaining Gen-0 sale

On Friday November 19th at 3PM UTC the remaining 2,954 Cronics from the dutch auction will go up for blind sale on Entrepot. Two purchase options will be available.

  • 1 Cronic: 6 ICP
  • 10 Cronics: 50 ICP

After 48 hours the bulk buy option will be taken down, listings will be unlocked and any remaining Cronics will stay up for blind sale at 6.5 ICP until supply is depleted.

Breeding and CRN

Following gameplay release we will hear feedback from the community and making adjustments as needed. An announcement will be made mid week on when CRN earnings and breeding will go live — our target is Friday November 26th. CRN airdrop recipients will receive tokens once this functionality is deployed.

For every Cronic purchased from the remaining 2,954 you will receive 1,200 CRN airdrop.


The Cronic mini-game hackathon will take place quarter 1 of 2022. Official registration will begin on January 1st 2022. Participants will be competing to build a new play-to-earn game for the Cronic mini-game ecosystem. The prize pool is still being finalized and will be announced prior to registration. Voting will be for Gen-0 Cronic holders only.

We will provide tooling — a set of Internet Computer APIs to streamline development for all participants.


  • The game must be running on the Internet Computer
  • The game must require ownership of Cronics to play
  • The game must have a mechanism for earning points (converted to CRN if selected as winner)
  • You must own a Gen-0 Cronic to vote — 1 Gen-0 Cronic = 1 Vote




Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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