Cronic Wearables are here!

From Doctor to Laid-back Hipster
Doctor by day, Laid-back hipster by night

How to use Wearables

  1. Firstly, you will want to strip your Cronic down! If you log in to your StoicWallet you will see 3 vertical dots by your Cronic NFTs. Click that to open the menu and choose “Remove Wearables”. This will tell your Cronic to send all of the Wearables it owns back to you.

Where to get more Wearables!

Cronic Wearables will soon be added to the Marketplace so people can trade them. All existing Wearables (accessories and eyewear) are exclusive to the existing run of Cronics, and will never be minted again.

Going forward

This update shows a revolutionary step forward in the Cronic project, and we look forward to what other tokens our Cronics will be able to hold in future — from other NFTs to ICP directly. We also want to experiment with sending Cronics “consumable” tokens, e.g. food, which will also have an affect on their visual appearance too!



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