Cronic Wearables are here!

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3 min readAug 14, 2021


We always wanted to experiment with the idea of NFTs owning tokens, including other NFTs. For the Cronics project, we decided that we could create a secondary set of NFTs — Cronic Wearables! Users could then customize the look of their Cronics by giving them different Wearables.

We are now proud to announce that we have completed our update, and you can now undress your Cronic and send them other Wearables— mix and match to your hearts content! The current types of Wearables available are general Accessories (scarfs, medals etc) and Eyewear — and we plan to release more types, like Hats/Wigs and Pets!

From Doctor to Laid-back Hipster
Doctor by day, Laid-back hipster by night

How to use Wearables

  1. Firstly, you will want to strip your Cronic down! If you log in to your StoicWallet you will see 3 vertical dots by your Cronic NFTs. Click that to open the menu and choose “Remove Wearables”. This will tell your Cronic to send all of the Wearables it owns back to you.

2. Once the Wearables are returned, you will see them added to your wallet. These are like any other NFTs, so be very careful with them!

3. To give a Cronic a Wearable, simply go to the NFT you want to give and Transfer/Send it, like you would if you were sending it to a friend, except you want to send it to your Cronic’s ID! Please ensure you only send Cronic Wearables to Cronics that you own. Be careful — any transactions are final.

4. You may need to refresh your page to see any changes, but clicking on your Cronic’s image should bring it up in a new tab with the new Wearable(s) you’ve just given it!

*NOTE: If your Cronic is wearing glasses and you try to send it another pair, than it will return the existing set to you.

In some cases, you may need to refresh your NFT list. You can do this by going to the + button > Search Collections

Where to get more Wearables!

Cronic Wearables will soon be added to the Marketplace so people can trade them. All existing Wearables (accessories and eyewear) are exclusive to the existing run of Cronics, and will never be minted again.

We plan to mint and release more in future which can be bought or received via giveaways or airdrops. We plan to run regular Wearable Sales, where new items are available to purchase for a limited time and in some cases, a limited run. Take a look at some awesome initial drafts by one of our community designers, @VisionGFX

Going forward

This update shows a revolutionary step forward in the Cronic project, and we look forward to what other tokens our Cronics will be able to hold in future — from other NFTs to ICP directly. We also want to experiment with sending Cronics “consumable” tokens, e.g. food, which will also have an affect on their visual appearance too!



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