Cronics — Breeding and Supply

Firstly — Gen0 Supply

Breeding Mechanics

  • Generation Sterility
  • Breeding Costs & Cooldowns
  • Recycle Mechanic

Generation Sterility

  • Gen0 — Can always breed (Eternal Breeders)
  • Gen1 — Can breed 7 times
  • Gen2 — Can breed 4 times
  • Gen3 — Can breed 2 times
  • Gen4 — Can breed 1 time
  • Gen5 — Are born sterile

Breeding Costs & Cooldowns

Recycle Mechanic

But what happens to the recycled Cronics?

Cronic Breeding— swiping right!

In summary:

  • Initial supply has been reduced from 25,000 Gen0 to 11,000 Gen0 Cronics
  • Remaining 5000 Gen0 Cronics to be sold in October (no more team Cronics)
  • Gen0 are the only Cronics that can always breed, making Gen0 Cronics the most valuable from a breeding perspective
  • Future generations will go sterile, to control selective breeding and supply (adding a supply cap to “breed-able Cronics”)
  • Breeding cost and cooldown mechanics are implemented to slow down supply
  • Breeding cost provides a clear play-to-earn economy
  • Recycle Mechanic is used to reduce cooldown by recycling Cronics, which can lead to instances of deflationary supply
  • Cronic Tutorial, using recycled Cronics as a method to attract new players to the ecosystem




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Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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