Cronics — into the metaverse

Visual Traits

We are looking to make some changes to some of the visual traits. The following however will not change:

  • Background pattern and color
  • Shape (type, size may change — read below)
  • Eyes (including glasses) and eye color

Beauty Pageants

We want to provide users with options to truly customize the look of the Cronics, and believe having a range of visual options and accessories allows for this. But what’s the point? Well, for Pageants of course!

  • 10 random Judges are selected from active players to participate as judges
  • A random theme is selected for the pageant — this could be something like “the color green” or “superhero”
  • Judges are then asked to vote on their first, second and third picks that best match the theme of the pageant
  • Cronics are rewarded based on the number of votes they receive
  • Judges are rewarded base on voting for the winning Cronics. This incentivizes honest voting


We are working toward having our first public release in October 2021, so you will be able to play with your Cronics and feed them, with more types of interactions added over time. This will also be the next time new Cronics will be minted and available to the public through auctions.



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