Cronics Sale & CRN Distribution

Auction Details

  • The sale will take place on but will be powered by Entrepot on the backend.
  • 30 Cronics will be available for sale at any given time (unless supply is exhausted) — Battle stats and rarity scores will be easily visible.
  • The price will start at 24 ICP and drop by 1 ICP every 3 minutes until it reaches 5 ICP
  • If the Cronic does not sell at 5 ICP in 3 minutes it is cycled back into the queue. If it does not sell twice it will either be burnt or held as team Cronic.
  • Once a Cronic sells, the next one is added to the list
  • Trading of Cronics on Entrepot will be locked during the time of the sale

New Wearables (Spooky SZN)

  • Each Cronic up for auction will have 1–2 new Halloween wearables, these will never be minted again. 6 accessories, 4 hats, 2 wings, 1 pet (but in 3 color variations).
  • Current Cronic holders will be airdropped a bonus wearable (TBA this week)

Cronics Token ($CRN)

Initial Distribution of CRN

CRN will be distributed after sales end.

  1. 20 CRN per bred off-spring will be dropped to those that participated in the breeding test platform (3MM)
  2. 1200 CRN will be included with every Cronic purchase during the public sale (6MM)

CRN can be used for the following:

  • Breeding (4.5% is retained by Toniq, the rest is burned)
  • Siring (4.5% retained by Toniq, the rest is sent to owner)
  • Leasing (4.5% retained by Toniq, the rest is sent to owner)
  • Buying Power Cells (4.5% retained by Toniq, the rest is burned)
  • Buying wearables from the store (100% retained by Toniq and distributed to designers)
  • Buying Cronics/Wearables from the marketplace (1.5% fee retained by Toniq, 1% marketplace fee, rest is sent to seller)

Breeding Delay

We estimate the sale to last ~ 5 days. Once it has ended the first mini-games will go live and breeding will start, some cronics will have a delay.

  • All Cronics purchased during the auction will have a 1 week breeding delay. Mint #: 6,001 — #11,000
  • All Cronics from the team allocation will have a 1.5 week breeding delay. Mint #:1–1000

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