Entrepot NFT Marketplace Update 2/8/2022

Toniq Labs
3 min readFeb 8, 2022

We are excited to roll out our next round of updates to Entrepot Marketplace. In addition to styling and load speed improvements we have fun new features and views for you to start using!

NFT Detail Page

Each NFT now has an individual detail page with a dedicated url. From here you can access additional information about the asset and perform several new actions:

  • Track activity history
  • View price in ICP and USD
  • Make a non-binding offer
  • View current offers
  • View current owner address
  • Like an NFT
  • View number of likes

New Activity Tab

From the collection page or NFT detail page use the activity tab to access more information about recent sales including the timestamp, seller address, buyer address, and price in both ICP and USD. Currently we only display transaction data from the marketplace, but we are working on pulling in transfer data as well to roll that out in a future release.


Make an offer they can’t refuse! You can now make non-binding offers on any NFT, whether it is listed or not. When placing an offer you are indicating to the seller that you would purchase the NFT at that price. But even if the seller lists the NFT at that price, the buyer still has to initiate the purchase. This is why it is called a non-binding offer as it is merely indicative of what you are willing to pay. You can view all NFTs you have placed an offer on from your watchlist!

Note: You must have the offered amount of ICP in your wallet to make the purchase when placing the offer. Offers will be checked regularly and cancelled if balance is no longer adequate.

In the future we will roll out binding offers, meaning the seller may accept an offer, thus initiating the transaction. We will also be releasing additional functionality to make it easy for users to manage pending offers.

View Unlisted NFTs

Check out NFTs not listed on the marketplace! You can now view unlisted NFTs in a collection by changing the sort by to mint # or rarity index. Users can place an offer on unlisted NFTs to let the seller know they’re interested.

Add Reactions

Express your love toward a specific NFT! You can now “favorite” NFTs from the collection or detail page. From the detail page you can see how many times an NFT has been favorited by others. You can view all favorites from your watchlist!

Login with Torus

We aim to make onboarding new users from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 as easy as possible. By leveraging the Web3Auth technology from Torus Labs, users can now create an account on Entrepot using Web 2.0 authentication methods including Google, Github, Twitter, and Facebook. Using one of these login methods creates a non-custodial wallet for the user that can be managed from Entrepot.

FAQ and Support Guides

We are ramping up support, and as part of that initiative we are introducing a knowledge base of FAQ and user guides. Get fast answers to your questions by clicking ‘Help’ at the bottom of the screen and searching for an answer. We will continue to update and add information to the knowledge base as updates are made. If you would like additional support feel free to join our discord or email support@toniqlabs.com.

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