Entrepot Partners with Maddies Co. to provide ICP NFT projects with Merchandise Stores

Creator options

Through Maddie’s projects can create two different store types: an official merchandise store, and a personalized members store. Choose to implement one or both of these stores depending on the needs of your project. Additionally, projects can set up gated merchandise giveaway pages for their holders and fans!

Official Merchandise Store

This is your public facing merchandise store where your community can pick up official high quality swag designed by your team. Everything from hoodies to laptop cases to mugs, you can get your brand out and into the world!

Personalized Members Store

This store allows NFT holders to login with their StoicWallet and authenticate ownership of their NFTs. Holders are then granted access to purchase personalized merch swag containing their NFT printed on it. Additionally, holders can opt to allow others to buy merchandise with their NFT on it and earn profits from these sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start setting up my store?
A: To start the process contact Maddies via the form here

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