Exponent: Unlimited Exchange Platform

Wielding the Internet Computer to Rival Enjin (ENJ)

Exponent is a platform that enhances the on-chain gaming experience for both developers and players. It can be easily compared to Enjin (ENJ) on Ethereum (ETH).

There are 3 main components of Exponent:

1. Extendable Token Standard
2. Spatial
3. eDex Protocol

Extendable Token Standard (EXT)

Our EXT standard provides a single uniform token standard that developers can easily add modular changes to in order to achieve the desired functionality.


Spatial is a headless wallet, meaning it is a non-custodial wallet used behind the scenes. The user does not need to know they are interacting with a blockchain to use a spatial wallet.

eDex Protocol

eDex Protocol is our exchange protocol that can be used to enable the swap, exchange, and sale of tokens within the token standard in a non-custodial manner. The non-custodial functionality of Entrepot Marketplace is enabled by eDex Protocol.

Supporting Exponent

We are working on developer tooling and SDKs — a unity kit where developers integrate with everything. An online user interface to create token canisters and mint in-game tokens. We will release different grades of tooling to meet the needs of the developer. These will help tie all the components of Exponent together for developers, saving time and making it easy to use.

Reminder: Last of the Gen-0 Cronics sale starts October 19!

The last of the Gen-0 Cronics will go up for auction starting October 19th!! Check out this article for all the latest information on how to get in early on the biggest Play-To-Earn game coming to the Internet Computer built on Exponent!



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