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4 min readOct 15, 2021

Epic NFTs was created to push the envelope on the internet computer via NFTs. Ideas are great but epic takes action. We’re putting together a team of expert developers, specialists, and innovative thinkers to build open source solutions and solve pressing problems using NFTs on the internet computer blockchain.

The Epic Vision

The Epic long-term vision is to operate as a fully programmatic DAO producing DAO. Epic commits to a set of projects (called an epic), builds out open sourced code, and then executes a proprietary implementation which is released to the community (ideally as a DAO). We want to bring new and exciting software which anyone can use and implement. With so many possibilities around NFTs, we decided the best way forward was to just start building them.

Epic #0

∞ Cross Platform Creator NFTs
∞ Proof of Humanity NFTs
∞ The Spider DAO
∞ NFT Tickets / Proof of Attendance

Cross-Platform Creator Community

Problem: It is extremely difficult for a creator to build a community and monetize content across multiple social channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Twitter, Distrikt, DSCVR, Nuance, etc. Especially between Web 2 and Web 3 platforms.

Solution: Build a simple site that allows a user to input the URL of any content on the web, save a snippet of the content, and pay to mint it as an NFT. The price would increase exponentially as the content is minted multiple times, ensuring scarcity and benefiting early minters. Users will receive the NFT in their wallet as a quote card with custom background, quote, and URL.

The beauty of this idea is that anyone can find any of your content from anywhere on the internet and then mint it as an NFT. This provides value to the creator because their community can mint anything they find, producing revenue.

The other nice thing about this idea is the content creator can turn around and provide exponential amounts of value to their community through early access content, sneak peaks at content, voting on what content to create next (1 NFT gives you 1 vote), etc.

Proof of Humanity NFTs

Problem: Bots. DSCVR, Distrikt, and NFT airdrops are the most affected platforms right now. Identifying populations of real users is extremely difficult if not impossible.

Solution: NFTs that provide proof of humanity (PoH). Users will log into an app and provide extensive verification measures as well as a small financial contribution. This will only need to be done one time. When complete, an NFT will be minted that indicates that they are indeed human. We will also implement an “isHuman()” canister method so an app can check the degree to which a particular principal is human.

With this solution, any dApp would be able to integrate this canister method and provide reliable verification that a user is in fact human without the need for complex algorithms or manual verification.

The Spider DAO

Problem: We do not have a fully programmatic DAO on the internet computer. The SNS may not be the right solution for every project, so it’s important we build and understand DAOs ourselves.

Solution: Build a DAO on the Internet Computer. There will be an initial distribution of Spider DAO NFTs. All revenue from NFT sales will go to the Spider DAO treasury. Epic is building some DAO facilitation software that will allow users to upload images, vote on submissions and auto mint, and list the winning NFTs on Entrepot every week. All sales revenue will be funneled back into the Spider DAO treasury, which can be used to commission new artists, contract developers, etc. In the initial stages (and potentially forever), treasury funds will not be distributed back to DAO token holders due to regulatory issues.

The Spider Dao was born from a tweet by Liz Yang. You can check out the tweet that started it all here.

NFT Tickets / Proof of Attendance

Problem: Most conferences and events, even NFT events, are still not using NFTs as tickets or issuing proof of attendance NFTs for attendees. This is likely because we are missing the core infrastructure to make it extremely simple.

Solution: Build an app that allows an event coordinator to use any NFT collection as a ticket to enter an event, and then automatically mint a proof of attendance NFT for attendees. The proof of attendance NFT can be an access NFT that lets you access exclusive event chats, other communication channels, event scheduling, etc.

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