Rise of the Magni

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3 min readJul 24, 2021

I love all games — video games, board games, ball games etc. As a kid, I had a dream of becoming someone who made video games like Final Fantasy and Halo. As a teenager, I really wanted to build my own tabletop board game like Catan or Ticket to Ride. As an adult, Rise of the Magni is the culmination of both.

Rise of the Magni is a tactical unit deployment game, where players take turns to deploy Magni (adorable, yet fierce champions) to the battlefield. Your Magni fight to win skirmishes against enemies, and create unified fortifications with allies. The mixture of dynamic gameplay styles, strategies and the vast number of different team compositions means that no two games are alike.

Currently you can enter Training (recommended for beginners, but be warned — your sparring partner is bloody good) or play Online where you can match with another real life player!

In future, we will add Custom games (so you can create a custom game for your friend to join), Competitive/ranked arenas, and unlock the preseason Epilogue in Adventure mode.

Check out our online guide to learn the basics, and then take to the battlefield at RiseoftheMagni.com

We built this game on I-C-P!

RotM is built on the ICP, and each Magni is a unique NFT owned by the player. All game calculations and verifications are completed on-chain — the browser game is effectively a visual representation of a current games on-chain state alongside an interface to attempt to make updates to said state.

Our canister code does all the heavy lifting — from verifications, to processing AI moves, and even calculating scoring. Our canisters also provide the networking — allowing the creation of game sessions, and polling these sessions for updates to the related game states.

The Internet Computer is a powerhouse, and building Rise of the Magni on top of it just makes sense — blockchain gaming is a growing and we need a fast, secure and scalable blockchain to run them from.

Going forward

We have some pretty big Milestones for Rise of the Magni going forward, as we want to build it alongside our NFT platform Exponent and our other NFT project Cronics (with some cross-game interactions between the two worlds).

Some of our ideas are pretty big, but we dream big at ToniqLabs!

  • Transferrable and upgradeable Magni — build your team the way you want it, and customize each individual Magni the way that suits your play style.
  • A huge assortment of Magni, at least 80 for Season 1 and more with future seasons. Magni can be fused with special items to increase attack strength.
  • An immersive Adventure mode with periodic advancements
  • Online challenges to earn items and PETRI, the digital currency of Magni and used to fuse stronger Magni
  • A full-on competitive/ranked scene with tournaments and prizes
  • Multiple maps with unique terrain and shapes (not just a standard circle)
  • Big team battles/free-for-alls!



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