Sale Details + 24 Cronics to Giveaway!

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3 min readSep 25, 2021

The long awaited October sale of the last 5,000 Gen-0 Cronics is upon us! These will be the last of the Gen-0 Cronics to enter the market, as eternal breeders they will forever be the most valuable Cronics (for more information about breeding see this article).

The sales will begin on October 19th 2021, we have decided to go with a Dutch auction for distribution.


  • The sale will start on October 19th 2021 (time TBA)
  • 30 Cronics will be available for sale at any given time (unless supply is exhausted)
  • The price for each one will start at approximately 3x the average floor price at the start of the sale
  • The price will decrease every minute, until it reaches the final price
  • The final price will be approximately half of the average floor price at the start of the sale
  • Once a Cronic is sold a new one will take its place (unless supply is exhausted)
  • Users will be able to see all stats of a Cronic that is for sale (what it looks like, battle stats etc)
  • All of these Cronics are Gen0 (and they are the last Gen0 that will be minted)


Breeding will officially commence at the end of the October Sales, as well as P2E gaming (to earn CRN). The sales are expected to last less than one week, but we don’t have an official end time. We are setting the following restrictions for breeding:

  • All Cronics from the first release (TipCan Donations) will be able to breed immediately.
  • All Cronics purchased during the second release (October Sales — as detailed above) will have a 1 week breeding delay.
  • All Cronics from the team allocation (mint numbers of 1000 or less) will have a 1.5 week breeding delay.

You don’t have to wait for a chance at a Gen-0!

We are going to be giving away 1 Cronic everyday for the 24 days leading up to the sales in the Cronics telegram group. The giveaways will begin on September 25th at 8PM EST and winners will be announced by Croissant (our Cronic Bot).

Each giveaway will be 23 hours after the previous. This way we can cycle through everyone’s time zone.

For eligibility:

  1. Join the Cronics Telegram
  2. Update your privacy settings: Settings > Privacy and Security > Last Seen & Online > — Set this to “Everybody” OR add an exception to always share with @CronicGiveaway (this is important — failing to do this will exclude you from the draw)
  3. Be online at the giveaway time (come a few minutes early so you don’t miss out!)

We absolutely cannot wait to launch breeding and mini games! This community has been outstanding and we could not have done this without you all.

Don’t forget to follow our new Cronics Twitter account @CronicsP2E




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