Stars of the Starverse!

  • 400 Stars were distributed to the top 400 buyers through the Entrepot marketplace.
  • 100 Stars are retained by Mac and co, distributed to collaborators and partners, used for giveaways, and retained for future utilization.

Stars of the Starverse come in three flavors:

Proto Stars

Cosmic Stars


Future of the Starverse

Stars of the Starverse are designed to be collectible characters with a set supply limit. No further Stars will be minted EVER, and there are no current plans to build a game by the team. Being built on the open-source NFT Standard by ToniqLabs, there is the potential of Starverse Stars being included in other games.

Star Twins

Some stars will have a “twin icon” in the upper right corner. About 21% of all Stars are a type of twin. There are three types of twins:

  • One color twins: 259 / 4.7%
  • No color twins (just traits): 878 / 15.9%

Visual rarities

Want to view how rare your Starverse star is? Head over to NFT Village to find out!



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