Stars of the Starverse!

  • 5000 Stars were distributed to early adopters and engagers of DSCVR. This represents a large number of users who are actively engaging with the ecosystem, and have been from launch!
  • 400 Stars were distributed to the top 400 buyers through the Entrepot marketplace.
  • 100 Stars are retained by Mac and co, distributed to collaborators and partners, used for giveaways, and retained for future utilization.

Stars of the Starverse come in three flavors:

Proto Stars

Cosmic Stars


Future of the Starverse

Star Twins

  • Full twins (including colors): 14 / 0.25%
  • One color twins: 259 / 4.7%
  • No color twins (just traits): 878 / 15.9%

Visual rarities




Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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Toniq Labs

Toniq Labs

Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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