Stars of the Starverse!

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3 min readAug 29, 2021

Starverse is an NFT collection of rare and unique Stars. The Starverse symbolizes the unlimited potential of the Internet Computer with it’s infinite size and unstoppable nature. Starverse isn’t a direct product of ToniqLabs, but an off-shoot idea by Mac, our Creative Lead, in collaboration with other illustrators and designers.

We at ToniqLabs are collaborating on the tech side of things to bring the Starverse alive, and working with the team from DSCVR to distribute the stars! Check out the landing page!

All Stars are free, with only 5,500 stars being minted. Stars are to be distributed as follows:

  • 5000 Stars were distributed to early adopters and engagers of DSCVR. This represents a large number of users who are actively engaging with the ecosystem, and have been from launch!
  • 400 Stars were distributed to the top 400 buyers through the Entrepot marketplace.
  • 100 Stars are retained by Mac and co, distributed to collaborators and partners, used for giveaways, and retained for future utilization.

You can learn how to claim your star here! Didn’t get a Star? You can buy from the marketplace!

*Note, snapshots for airdrop were taken a few days before launch

Stars of the Starverse come in three flavors:

Proto Stars

These represent 75% of all Stars in the Starverse, with only 4125 minted. Each star is made up of a unique combination of elements and colors!

Cosmic Stars

These represent 17% of all Stars in the Starverse, with only 1210 minted. Each star is similar to Proto stars, except with additional “cosmic only” elements, and the addition of a cool background.


Supernovas are the top tier Stars of the Starverse, with only 165 minted. Supernovas are unique Stars with a custom costume — 5 of each character has been minted, each with a different background. If you have one of these, you are truly lucky indeed.

Future of the Starverse

Stars of the Starverse are designed to be collectible characters with a set supply limit. No further Stars will be minted EVER, and there are no current plans to build a game by the team. Being built on the open-source NFT Standard by ToniqLabs, there is the potential of Starverse Stars being included in other games.

Star Twins

Some stars will have a “twin icon” in the upper right corner. About 21% of all Stars are a type of twin. There are three types of twins:

  • Full twins (including colors): 14 / 0.25%
  • One color twins: 259 / 4.7%
  • No color twins (just traits): 878 / 15.9%

Twins add an additional collectible element, especially with regards to full twins (0.25%)

Visual rarities

Want to view how rare your Starverse star is? Head over to NFT Village to find out!



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