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2 min readJun 8, 2021


We are proud to announce Stoic, an open source wallet for the Internet Computer. This can be used as an alternative to the NNS and we hope to bring more awesome features in the near future. So what’s the point of Stoic Wallet?

Getting ready for tokens

One of the biggest reasons we built Stoic is to support futures tokens on the IC, including wrapped cycles and NFT’s. We are part of the wider discussions around token standards and have released some of our own ideas too. We hope to see some of the very first tokens being traded using Stoic :-)

Support for more than just the Internet Identity

Out of the gate Stoic supports using both Internet Identities and traditional mnemonic phrases, where users can simply create and store a phrase to recover their wallets in future. This provides a simpler (and somewhat more traditional) way for users to get setup to interact with the IC and ICP tokens.

We believe that II’s are awesome, but not everyone has access to USB keys that are compatible so this provides a better alternative. In future, we want to support hardware wallets too!

We’ve put together a few answers to questions we know are going to be asked as well.

Is Stoic safe?

Our code is open source and free for anyone to review. Connecting using your II (Internet Identity) provides a high level of security as your private keys are secured using your USB keys. Anyone connecting using a mnemonic phrase needs to be as careful as they would with any other wallet (like Metamask).

Where is this hosted?

Our wallet is currently hosting through Netlify — the idea is to move this to the IC once we have sorted out custom domain names. We have had trouble with Fleek with our domain as well, but will be working to sort this ASAP.

Can we stake/manage neurons using Stoic?

Currently you can’t, but we are looking at this in a future release. On one hand we want to keep neuron management separate to token management, but we do see the merits of adding it.

Where is my private key stored?

If you are connecting using your Internet Identity, than you’re private key is essentially any USB devices authorized to unlock your II. If you are connecting with a mnemonic phrase, your private key is stored on your local device. This is then encrypted when you “Lock” your wallet. This is similar to how other wallets work.

No private data is transmitted from your device or stored anywhere other than your local device.

Any other questions? Leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.



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