The Cronic Dashboard

We recently demo’d our Cronic Dashboard in our DFINITY Community Conversation, and we want to follow up by officially announcing public access to our testing platform. You can access it here:

When we launch, users will be able to earn CRN by playing minigames or through the Sire Program. CRN is used for breeding, purchasing new Wearables and paying for Sire fees. For the testing platform we will be using TCRN(Test CRN) — this is a test token with no value and will be burnt at the end of testing.

Please note — this is a testing platform. There are no risks to your Cronics by using this, but all TCRN and bred Cronics will be deleted in future. You will need actual Cronics to participate (you can purchase from the marketplace using ICP).

The Cronic Dashboard allows you to do the following:

  • View your currently owned Cronics and manage marketplace listings
  • Manage Cronic wearables, and dress/undress your Cronics with a smoother interface
  • Purchase our new Wearable from the Wearable Store
  • Access free TCRN via the faucet — this will top your account up to 10,000 TCRN. There is no limit to how many times you can use the faucet.
  • Sire your Cronics — this allows you to charge a fee (in TCRN) that others can pay to breed with your Cronic
  • Breed Cronics — Choose two of your Cronics, or select Cronics from the Sire List to breed with. All offspring generated via the breeding process are to be considered “Test Cronics”. Test Cronics can not be listed on the marketplace or transferred, and will all be burnt at the end of the testing stage.

To reward participation in our testing platform — at the end of the testing stage you will receive real CRN based on how many “Test Cronics” you have bred. The more “Test Cronics” you have bred, the more real CRN you will be airdropped when the network goes live.

We will be adjusting breeding settings as we go, so expect costs and breed delays to change on a daily basis.



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