Upcoming Public Test

Artwork by “Not Dominic Williams”

We wanted to make this as fun as possible, so we enlisted the help of a very special community member @notdominicwilliams, who has agreed to let us use his recent artwork as the asset users will receive upon mint, there will be 1000 total NFTs in this collection. 980 will be of the original drawing and 20 are unique variations.

Top 300 Entrepot users whitelisted

The sale is set up with a five pricing group model. In order to properly test whitelisting we identified the top 300 Entrepot users. Accounts with >170 ICP in marketplace volume and >170 ICP in launchpad volume were ranked by geometric mean. To check if you are on the list see here.

Pricing Group Timeline

3:00 PM UTC

Groups Open: Top 50; Top 150; Top 300

3:05 PM UTC

Groups Close: Top 50; Top 150; Top 300

3:10 PM UTC

Group Closes: Top 300 No Limit

4:20 PM UTC

Group Closes: Public

Additional Information on Pricing Groups


  • Public group name, will show on the launch page. Recommended to use either a descriptive name “Public” or name that community members are aware of “OG Cats”


  • A group can be public or private (whitelisted)
  • You can have as many groups of each type as you like

Individual wallet limit

  • Max number of NFTs that a single wallet may purchase from this group
  • If unlimited leave blank

Group NFT limit

  • Max number of NFTs that can be purchased from this group
  • If unlimited leave blank


  • When users may begin to purchase from this group


  • When users may no longer purchase from this group


  • Price in ICP for 1 NFT

Bulk Buys

  • Optionally allow users to buy multiple NFTs in 1 transaction with optional price difference

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