Welcome Cronics — NFT’s on the IC

  • Cronic Breeding with transferrable parent traits — you can create your own unique Cronic based on the styles you like
  • Cronic Age — our Cronics will slowly age, which will affect their visual style
  • Feeding and interactions — similar to virtual pets you will be required to take care of your Cronic. Malnourished Cronic’s will change appearances!
  • Consumables — give your Cronics treats and toys to keep them happy!
  • And finally, Pageants — enter a range of pageants with different circumstances and on-chain voting to earn prizes and more!

How do you get your hands on one?

We will be gifting the first 5000 Cronics away for free to those who decide to tip us via our TipCan. There is a 0.2ICP min amount required to be eligible to claim your free gift. We appreciate every donation, and it will go towards future developments out of ToniqLabs!



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