Welcome Cronics — NFT’s on the IC

  • 25,000 MAX Gen 0 Cronics
  • Cronic Breeding with transferrable parent traits — you can create your own unique Cronic based on the styles you like
  • Cronic Age — our Cronics will slowly age, which will affect their visual style
  • Feeding and interactions — similar to virtual pets you will be required to take care of your Cronic. Malnourished Cronic’s will change appearances!
  • Consumables — give your Cronics treats and toys to keep them happy!
  • And finally, Pageants — enter a range of pageants with different circumstances and on-chain voting to earn prizes and more!

How do you get your hands on one?




Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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Toniq Labs

Toniq Labs

Building the decentralized future on The Internet Computer

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