About Bob NFTs

Main Goals

  1. Support creators in creating content anywhere on the internet
  2. Enabling creators to easily provide exclusive value to the most devoted community members

Bob NFTs are multifaceted NFTs, meaning they have many different functions.

  1. Bob NFTs are art on the blockchain. A nicely formatted text box, a custom creator flair, and an interesting border make for a nice looking NFT.
  2. Bob NFTs are content licenses. All creator content is copyrighted by default, including the majority of Bob’s content across the internet. But if someone mints an NFT of a particular piece of content, then they are granted a CC-BY license for that content. This means the NFT purchaser is allowed to do whatever they want with the content, but they must attribute Bob as the original creator of the content.
  3. Bob NFTs are access keys. There is public content on this site, but there is also exclusive content on this site. Bob NFTs act as access keys to give community members access to exclusive content. Some community site features are also NFT gated.
  4. Bob NFTs are voting tokens. Proposals and voting functionality is coming up next, and will allow community members to submit proposals and vote on important content topics. There will also be a community treasury. While the community cannot make distributions to themselves, they will be able to commission artists, designers, or developers to do work to improve the community.
  5. Bob NFTs are liquid tokens that can be sold on the marketplace. This has not been enabled yet, but a few weeks after initial launch we’ll work with Entrepot to list Bob NFTs as an NFT collection.
  6. Bob NFTs have secret, yet to be revealed, functionality.This is a mysterious teaser, but you can trust that Bob is always looking for ways to give back to his strongest supporters.

As you accumulate Bob NFTs you will be granted a role in the community.

  1. The Public (0 NFTs)
  2. The Community (need to have at least 1 NFT)
  3. The Supporters (need to have at least 10 NFTs)
  4. The Believers (need to have at least 25 NFTs)
  5. The Champions (need to have at least 100 NFTs)

Role statistics one week after launch - December 23rd 2021:

  • 0 Champions (100+ NFTs)
  • 6 Believers (25+ NFTs)
  • 11 Supporters (10+ NFTs)
  • 105 Community Members (1+ NFTs)

A note on technical and legal details:

  • You can only legally mint Bob Bodily’s content as NFTs on this platform. Minting other people’s content or work is a violation of copyright, and if reported and verified by the community, the NFTs will be burned.
  • If you can’t see your NFTs in stoic wallet, you may need to manually add the NFT canister. The NFT canister to manually add is: hbi4x-wqaaa-aaaaj-aad7a-cai
  • If you purchased an NFT but you can’t find it in your wallet, try manually adding the NFT canister first. If that doesn’t work, double-check to ensure the ICP transaction went through. If the ICP transaction failed it will not mint your NFT. If the transaction went through and you still can’t find your NFT, please reach out and we will look into it for you
  • Your NFTs must be in your main wallet address in order to authenticate with your NFTs and make it past the content gates.

How to mint:

  1. Login with Stoic Wallet (Plug support coming soon)
  2. Click the mint button
  3. Paste in the URL of Bob’s content you wish to mint
  4. Choose a flair (or none)
  5. Write a description or paste content snippet from the content
  6. Click get price (Price increases based on number of times a URL has been minted already)
  7. Click purchase



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